My training system

Posted: 06/02/2012 in English, Science and stuff
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My training system that works for me the best

 Let me start in the beginning. When I started crossfit couple of months ago I was training almost everyday. I was (I am) more like a cardio guy than a powerlifter. These days I am still a cardio guy and doing crossfit girls, heroes and other metabolic conditioning stuff like hell but I am much stronger. Basically my training looked like this. A month (1 cycle) contained 4 weeks – light, medium, heavy, deload and trained like this:


Weeks are different by sets, reps for example on week first 5×5, medium week 5×3, heavy week is up to me. Normally I check my 1RM but until I reach it I do several sets and reps based on autoregulation. Easier….how I feel it.

 I had been doing this method for two months but it did not show results that I wanted to reach.

 Here comes the 5-3-1 method.

It was pain in the ass. Really, especially week one and week two with their 3×5 and 3×3 on a certain percentage of 1RM.

Good thing is my strength increased a lot. My deadlift went up from 102,5 kg to 132, kg.


I realized I was soooo tired during every heavy week because my CNS (central nervous system) was burned out on the first day. This inspired me to read more about CNS fatigue.  More about this.

The conclusion is the following: If you burn out your CNS on day one on your heavy week you will not be able to do another REAL 1RM on next training day. CNS gives information to your body, to your muscles such as “Stop, no more real maximum load this time”. It “blocks” your performance to protect the body from injuries.


Intensity and load rotation within a week through a 4-week cycle (click on the pic to see more) mixed with the 5-3-1 method assistance exercises (not in the list below).

As you can see you do only one 1RM every week. I experienced that I was able to continue my training with acceptable performance on the other days (L,M,D). It was said the CNS “blocks” your body for another real 1 maximum repetition that is why I can do my best the rest of the week on the appropriate level. So, I burn out CNS once a week, not twice or more. It needs less regeneration period.

You should listen to your body because a huge mistake was made. What? I did not listen to the signs. In general I take a week off after every 3rd cycle but once I felt I can do another a 4th cycle but I burned out during the second week and on 3rd and last week I suffered from several injuries, mainly shoulder. So do not train continously all year without proper resting or regeneration periods.

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