Shoulder problems or/and stiff Pec minor?

Posted: 26/07/2012 in English, Science and stuff
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The “shoulder” problem started with an exercise called clean and I did warm up and used only a 20 kg bar. Funny, isn’t it? I just did my first rep and heard and felt a blunt crack / click but no pain. Next morning came and almost pissed myself because of the pain. It hurt like hell and could do nothing. For 2 months I have had the problem but it is much better and getting better because we found the origin of the pain.

To be honest I have had this problem for many many years maybe since primary school. Maybe you have it too or your children (will) have it too.

For me it is on my dominant (right) side. Why??? The reason and cause is very simple and easy. Maybe you do not even think about it…..TOO HEAVY SCHOOLBAG AND/OR WEARING AND CARRYING THE BACKPACK ONLY ON ONE SIDE AND PULLING YOUR SHOULDER FORWARD TO AVOID THE BAG SLIPPING DOWN.

Too heavy schoolbag: when I started the primary school I had to carry at least more than the half of my bodyweight on my back. If the backpack is too heavy you pull your shoulders forward as a compensation. Knowledge can be heavy. 🙂


Wrong sitting position through years can cause problem too. Look at the example. Does the right picture look familiar? I bet yes.

These positions cause stiff or shortened pec minor that can cause “shoulder” problem in  the future. If you do pull ups or shoulder presses or some exercises on the monkey bar or feel “shoulder” pain during bench presses you should take care of it and examine the “WHY?”.

How can you manage this problem?

1. Do the pec minor partner stretch. This is only one way but there is another and I think a better way.

Lie down on a foam roller what is straight under your spine. Place your arms next to your body, palms facing up. Your partner put his/her hands (carpus) on your shoulders where you can see the red lines.

Then pushing down hard but gently and keep it there for 10 seconds. While he/she keeps the grade of the pressure you push your shoulders up and keep it there for 5 seconds and release it. Repeat it 3-4 times. Try to relax and let your shoulders moving lower and lower with every exhale. RELAX and LET IT GO!

You can find lots of stretching on google, youtube, etc.

2. Do stretching alone.

3. Wall/Door frame stretch.

4. Do more upper back exercise than chest ones. For example 1 or 2 more sets bend over pull than bench presses.


Not every shoulder problem originates from shoulder. This problem like many other in the human body can be very complex and the source /cause is further than you think. Maybe it needs years to reach the limit and cause damage in your body and you think it happened in that moment but NO. It started many many years ago.

If you feel pain and it does not want to leave or if you train hard or your job / sport is a “half sided” job / sport like dentists, any kind of throwing / hitting / kicking activities like football, baseball… find a good physician who looks at the body like a whole and can see the correlation.


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