Weak squat???? Get it strong!!!!

Posted: 29/12/2013 in English, My transformation, Science and stuff
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The following few lines are my experience and it does not mean it works for everybody. I do not say this method is the best and the rest is wrong. It is like some people follow the paleo diet, some the Atkins, another group of people the low calorie diet. None of them are wrong they just find a different way of dieting that suits them. It is the same with the training. It took me a long time to personalize it even if I know my body very well.

Yesterday I was in the gym and finally I reached my goal No.1………100 kg front squat 2 reps. I know it is still weak BUT compare to my past 3 years it has been a huge improvement since September 2013. I used to work for a crossfit gym in Hungary and we used one of the owners training methodology. 1 squat, 1 deadlift,1 press, etc session/week. With this method I struggled with everything. My squat did not improve if it did it was max 2.5 kg in a 4-week-cycle. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. It was good for the clients but not for me. I tried the 5-3-1 method too but same shit different day. (AGAIN…maybe it works / worked / will work for you)

After this I came to London and no weight training at all due to lack of money. Actually it took 1.5 year to get back to the proper weight training and crossfit style training but it does not mean I had not trained at all. TRX, bodyweight, kettlebells were quite handy and available for free.

What made me to train with weights again? A weightlifting instructor course where we started with overhead squats with only 25 kg 5 reps and I was shaking under the bar. “SERIOUSLY AM I THIS SHIT???!!!” This is a bloody good reason, isn’t it?

Day 1 in the gym was amazing and awful at the same time. I realized I can squat, of course I can……yesssss…….the only problem: I squat like a weaker girl. 🙂 So I planned a tough workout. I am following my earlier cycle methodology namely Light Medium Heavy Medium week (it used be a deload week but I found it too light and pointless) with one 1RM/week/main exercise.

A quickie for the better understand (this is an old workout plan)


As you can see above there was 3 days of training with 1 squat only. NOT ENOUGH!!!!! Especially for squats. At that time I followed the 5-3-1 method for strength and it did not work for me. I repeat “for me” maybe it works or will work for you.

My current workout contains 5 days of training/week with 1 back squat day (up to 1RM in a cycle) + 3 days of front squat (up to 2RM). I deadlift 2-3 times and 1 deadlift day is the main workout the rest does not go below 3 reps or above 5.  Press once a week + 2x push press. Of course I snatch, clean and jerk, etc but do not want to go deeper in details.

The main point is if you want to improve your squat YOU HAVE TO SQUAT MINIMUM 3 TIMES A WEEK depending on your level and strength. There will be a point when 3 times squats a week will not be enough so go for more.

DO FRONT SQUATS TOO even if they are f***in’ uncomfy because they are important to improve the clean.

The numbers:

Cycle 1

  • Back sq 1RM 107.5 kg
  • Front sq 5 reps with 75kg

Cycle 2

  • Back sq 1RM 117.5 kg
  • Front sq 3 reps with 90kg

Cycle 3 (December 2013)

  • Back sq 1RM 120 kg
  • (after deadlifting) Front sq 2 reps with 100 and 1RM 105 ( I felt I can do 2 reps with it but the second wanted to stay at the bottom)

Basically it is a 25 kg improvement in 3 months and my quads are insanely stronger and stronger week by week. As you can see sometimes accidentally 1 RM happens. I very rarely go down to 2 reps. Usually I stay between 3-5. Now 100 kg front squat…tick. Next level 5 reps with 100 kg.

I know these weights are not heavy (still weak) but during the last 3 months I have improved more than during that 1 year in Hungary. On the other hand my strength is improving so I will squat heavy , f***in’ heavy, in a year from now. 😀 😀

IF YOU FEEL YOU WILL REACH A PLATEAU or feel very very very tired during training, out of the gym (that happens to me in every 3-4 months) GIVE YOURSELF 2-3 DAYS OFF. I know I know maybe your next reaction is: “Rest day? WTF” 🙂 Believe me. You need it if you train 4-5 or more days/week.


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