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Hey everybody!

Below you can read about Ines Subashka who has got a really good website, blog. I really enjoy the articles, posts and interviews with crossfitters. Visit it!!!

My name is Ines Subashka. I am 22 years old and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sports have been my life since childhood. Any sport you could think of, you name it I did it! Of course without all the greaceful sports, because I am 186 cm tall and I am not pretty gifted for these sports! 😉;) I was a professional basketball player for six years! That was my passion, my life, my purpose! But in life things don’t always go the way we’d like them to be and after 5 severe shoulder injuries I was forced to give up on basketball! It was really hard to take it! I lost about an year of my life, feeling sorry for myself and living in the past. All I did was cry and feel regret. One day I decided that if I couldn’t play basketball, there were still other things I could do. I started swimming. At the beginning it was terrible! everybody was telling me that it is impossible to start swimming at the age of 19 and accomplish something. But I am a big believer. I knew that if I give my all, I could still accomplish something. I busted myself every single day. There were days I just wanted to give up, everything seemed hopeless but I still knew that after every dark night there is a day! That’s why I kept on going.

Slowly but surely I improved my swimming. I didn’t become an all star but I still managed to participate in competitions and even placed 10th on the women republical championship which was a big accomplishment for me. I lived with the blue sport for about three years. Pririor to that, I’ ve heard about crossfit but I never dared to try it. One day I was searching through my downloads on the computer when I stumbled over the movie “Every second counts”. I watched it and I was hooked. From then on everything is just a history. I fell in love with crossfit and decided it was the perfect option. It gave me the pleasure I use dto feel on the basketball court and it is still an outlet for my future career. I started reading and watcing everything that has to do with crossfit. I study Marketing but workouts and nutrition are my passion and so far I manage to do them both. I educate myself, reading anatomy, biochemistry and so on in my free time! A couple months ago I started a website where I get to share my oppinion on all kind of topics. I am also a personal trainer and for the past half year I have groups which I workout with! Our groups are called “Workouts for machines” and we focus on functional training. Our workouts involve a lot of kettlebells, flipping and dragging tires and etc. It is a lot of fun and with every passing workout I start believing more and more that this is what I wanna do with my life!

When I started doing crossfit, my froiends and family did not accept it. They told me how I will start looking like a man. That I will become way too muscular. At the beginning these words put me down and discouraged me but there were still a couple people that supported me! I am really thankful to them, because they gave me strength to chase my goals! I wanna tell all the ladies out there that are afraid of weights, that I have never felt and looked better in my entire life. I lift a lot of weights and the only results I get are that I look better and better every single day!

My favorite thing to do is drag and flip tires. I love deadlifts and heavy squats. I love thrusters. I love everything! 🙂:) Because I have a lot of problems with my shoulders and I am working on them getting better, my legs are stronger than my arms but I still improve. I couldn’t do pull-ups to save my life, and now I am able to do three strict pull ups. That may not look to much to you but with all the dislocations and at my hight and weight it is an accomplishment. I am now working on my handstands and hoping that in the near future I will be able to do HSPU!

I want to encourage everybody to chase their dreams and never let the fear or people around you stop you! Life is short and it doesn’t matter if it is the right thing according to others. All that matters is if you want it! If the answer is yes, then go ahead and do it! People often live their life miserably just because they listen to everybody else but their heart. As Steve Jobs says “Listen to your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truely want to become!”. Nothing in good in life comes without passion and hard work. Put the work needed and sooner or later you will be successful!